About Us

Training centre for mediums and psychics

Christine O’Neill, one of the UK’s leading Medium-Clairvoyants, founded the Guiding Light Centre in Barry, South Wales, UK in 2005. The Centre is located about 10 miles from Cardiff.

The Centre offers a wide variety of training courses in Mediumship and Psychic Skills, Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry. We also provide assistance and guidance to experienced Mediums and Psychics to support them in developing their skills and business. One-to-one Tarot Readings with Christine are also available at the Centre.

About the Centre

The Guiding Light Centre was opened in April 2005 by Christine O’Neill, as she had been “guided to teach”. The aim of the Centre is to provide training and guidance for those with a genuine interest, as well as those wishing to become a professional Medium or Psychic.